Rug Alarm Clock and Other Innovative Wake Up Tools
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Pretty/Classy Alarm Clocks

1. The Rug Alarm Clock

rug alarm

This alarm clock forces you to stand up to get out of bed. The rug alarm clock designed by Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanber, is essentially a carpet with a built in alarm. It's sensors activate snooze only when a persons standing weight is put on it.

2. Fabric Alarm Clock

fabric alarm clock

This alarm clock allows you to customize its look in whatever way you want. It projects the time onto whatever color or patterned piece of material you choose, allowing you to match your alarm clock to your room in a new, and up until now, impossible way. Pretty cool.

3. The Handle Alarm

handle clock

A design by Duck Young Kong this alarm clock gives an interesting new way to visualize how much time you have left to sleep. By pulling on the handle you set the alarm for the time you want to wake up, the longer the time period, the longer the handle will hang. The handle winds back to the clock as time runs out. Simple, effective, and visually interesting.

4. The Tilt Alarm

tilt rocker clock

This elegant clock has an alarm function that can be turned on and off by tilting it into different positions. A simple solution for those who have trouble with buttons. A very clean and modern look.

Annoying Alarm Clocks

5. Sfera Hanging Clock


Sfera is a radio alarm clock which hangs above your bed and wakes you in the morning by forcing you physically to get out of bed. When you set the alarm, the glowing Sfera gradually dims and the music gently fades out as you drift off to sleep. When the alarm chimes in the morning, the only way to silence it is to reach up and gently tap the Sfera. This action initiates the snooze function, but it also makes the Sfera rise above your head towards the ceiling. As it slowly rises away from your reach, you must stretch higher each time to gain another ten minutes of snooze. When it reaches the ceiling, you have no option but to reach for it and drag it back down to your bed - an action which switches off the alarm and forces you finally to get up.

6. Puzzle Clock

puzzle clock

The ultimate in waking your brain, this clock makes you put together a puzzle before it will shut off. By the time you figure it out, you will most likely be too awake to go back to sleep. Makes me wonder how many people simply throw this one against the wall instead of bothering with the puzzle pieces. For the non-violent, this one makes a great alarm clock. -Via

7. Nooby

green roof 1

Think Furby+Alarm Clock. Nooby is an interactive alarm clock with an interesting personality. In order to see what time the alarm is set, you simply ask. He will verify the time and assure you the alarm will go off. When it is time to get up, he beeps and says, "Rise and shine, it's time to get up!". When you go back to sleep and don't turn the alarm off right away, he'll beep again, but this time he gets nasty, "Take your fingers out of your ears!". To put an end to this harassing wake up call, you simply wring the clock's blue neck. If he senses that you are angry, he'll get grumpy and ignore you.

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8. Shock Clock

attic water heter

For those really heavy sleepers, this new clock takes waking up to the next level. When it is time to wake up this clock rings. In order to shut it off you must touch it, delivering a shock. Maybe not the best way to start the morning, but certainly a funny prank to play on a friend or loved one.


9. You Snooze You Lose

trash to electricity

This is perhaps the best tool I have ever encountered for waking up. The SnūzNLūz alarm clock connects to your bank account via Wi-Fi and automatically transfers your money to a predetermined charity you hate. Scary though for that once a year time you sleep through your alarm...

10. Pillow Power

annoying pillow

From Japan, this pillow inflates and deflates every 7 seconds. Certainly not something that would be easy to sleep through. Sounds like a really great idea, especially for a workaholic culture like Japan's.


Pleasant Alarms

11. Philips Sunrise Simulator

This alarm does wonders for those who don't count themselves as "morning people" It starts a half hour before you want to get up, and it slowly gets brighter over 30 minutes." If you fail to wake up, it sounds a traditional alarm just in case.

12. Bacon Alarm

sink water

This ingenious alarm clock hack was designed so the user could wake up to the smell of cooking bacon. The night before, you place a strip of frozen bacon in the tray, and ten minutes before you set the clock to wake you up, the bacon begins cooking, leaving it perfectly cooked when you wake up. Too bad you can't order this one yet, although I'm not sure a daily piece of bacon is exactly what I need.

13. Perfect Timing Sleep Phase Alarm

axbo alarm

The aXbo alarm clock uses a sweat band that monitors your movement as you sleep. Movement, associated with different phases of sleep, are analyzed so it can wake you up at an optimum phase of sleep within 30min of your desired wake up time. According to testers, it makes a huge difference in how you feel in the morning, by allowing you to wake up during lighter phases of sleep, and letting you sleep through deeper phases.

14. Air Purifying Alarm

Air Purifier clock

This alarm clock has a built in air purifier. It is powered via USB connection. For anyone living in a stuffy apartment, or during allergy season, this alarm can help you some much needed rest. By removing dust and other allergens from your sleeping area, this alarm can do wonders for helping you get a restful sleep. It also tells the temperature.

Geeky/Smart Alarms

15. Couples Ring Alarm Clock

ring clock

This alarm clock conception will be a godsend for couples who need to wake up at different times. The idea is that instead of waking with sound, it uses a wireless vibrating ring, allowing a sleeping partner to continue sleeping undisturbed. It could also be a great help to the hearing impaired.

16. Piggy Bank Alarm Clock

money clock
Another money related alarm, this clock requires a deposit of change in order to snooze. Guaranteed to wake you up, and help you save those coins, until the day you decide to run it over with your car when you cant find a single cent in your entire house.

17. Clocky


This clock has gotten a lot of press, but is still worth mentioning. It is the brainchild of some MIT students. The alarm clock works just as any other until the snooze button is pressed. When pressed, it starts Clocky off on his journey. Clocky rolls around until he finds a spot to hide, requiring you to find him once the the alarm sounds again. The act of finding Clocky is supposed to be enough to wake you up enough to avoid having to hit the snooze button again. -

18. Bomb Clock

Bomb Clock

Given that blood pressure is highest upon waking, this one quite possibly could give you a heart attack. The alarm works like this:

1. You set your alarm for 8AM.
2. At 7:57AM, a recorded voice pipes up: "Three minutes left..." Then starts counting down to zero.
3. One of the lamps on the left will flash at random. You must diffuse the same-colored wire in order to stop the bomb from ticking.
4. If you fail, the explosion with a loud BANG, signifying your failure.

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